Lesson objective: Students will correctly fill a two-sided Venn diagram to compare and contrast ideas found in an informational text with 100% accuracy.

Anticipatory set: Students will be familiarized with the concept of comparing and contrasting. Each student will be given two objects. They must verbally tell me one way these two things are alike and one way they are different. This will lead into our Venn diagram introduction.

Lesson opening: Students will be introduced to a Venn diagram. They will use this Venn Diagram to write in their ideas stated during the anticipatory set.

Lesson body: Students will be shown a short compare and contrast written composition over the overhead projector, entitled "Octopuses and Squid." Together we will read the reading passage and complete the Venn diagram. Students will then form pairs of two. Each pair will receive a different compare-contrast short passage. Together they must complete a Venn diagram provided on a transparency. After completion, each group will come to the overhead to discuss their findings.

Evaluation: In addition to the paired-share evaluation, each student will individually fill in a Venn diagram on a short compare-contrast reading passage. Though answers may vary, students must correctly include at least two facts for each portion of the Venn Diagram. This will be submitted at the end of class.