Lesson objective: Using a word processor, students will create a seven-sentence descriptive written composition with no errors, proper capitalization, and punctuation with 100% accuracy.

Anticipatory set: To generate student engagement, we will play a round of popcorn storytelling. In this activity, I will begin a story with the simple phrase "Once upon a time..." then I will call upon a student to complete the sentence. That student will then call on another student to add to the story. We will go around until every student has had a chance to add to the story before coming back to me for the conclusion.

Lesson opening: Today we will work on a collaborate descriptive writing piece. Descriptive writing is a way to release your imagination and use words to create a visual perception of what is happening in a story. Today we will work together to an imaginative writing using our word processors.

Lesson Body: For this lesson students will all be seated at a computer. I will start then off when one sentence: "On my trip to Bikini Bottom..." from that point on students will shown a picture over the projector and asked to write what they see in the picture. After two-minutes, students will switch computer seats with the person on their right. They will continue on where their neighbor left off and tell what they see in the next picture. This will continue until the students have returned to their original seat. Once they have returned to their seat, they will be told to switch seats with a partner. They will then have to edit the written composition on that person's computer.

Evaluation: Evaluation will include the final product of the written compositions that students edit during the body of the lesson.

(Slideshow to be used during lesson)