Name of website
Figurative Language Hangman
This is an interactive game to review the definitions of the various types of figurative language.
Activities Galore
Can we say never a dull moment?! This site has a plethora of figurative language activities to be done with the class. I would definitely use this as my resource site for introducing new literary device concepts.
On-Point PowerPoints
This site has a numbr of helpul powerpoints to introduce the figurative language literary devices. Each powerpoint could be used durring the initial instruction of a lesson and also icludes some exercises to be done during group instruction.
Bing! Bang! Boom!,%20Hyperbole,%20&%20Repetition. ppt
This site provides a link to an excellent onomatopoeia powerpoint presentation which also includes a number of exercises that could be used during paired sharing.

Figurative Language Puzzle Challenge
This is an interactive game that challenges the students' knowledge of their literary devices. This would be a great way to individually evaluate students towards the end of the unit.
Spongebob Endless Summer
This links to a clip from a Spongebob episode in which children can listen out for various figurative language usages.
Underwater Tracking

Animated Tongue Twisters
This is a fun webpage of tongue twisters that can be used to introudce alliteration.
Below Bikini Bottom
My original book to be used on my alliteration lesson.
Reading and Math comprehension
Great source for reading materials
Smooth Slideshow
thiThis site was used to creat slideshow presentations for visual representations.that incllude viusuals means of presentation.Slide