Objective: Students will use test-taking strategies to answer comprehension questions with 100% accuracy.

Anticipatory set: As an anticipatory set, I will give each student a make-believe questions with simple addition. I will inform them that it is important to read all the directions before beginning so I will read the directions to them twice. The directions will insist that students read all questions on the test before answering the first question. If students do so, they will realize that the last questions states: "To get a 100 on this test, write only your name and date at the top and leave all other questions blank." This will lead into our lesson for the day.

Lesson Body: The key to this lesson is getting students to understand how important it is to read the questions before reading long comprehension questions they may see on standardized tests so that they know what they are reading for. We will look at seve
ral small comprehension passages and questions and work through how reading the questions first can help know what to read for. Using My Name is Albert, we'll further discuss how this strategy can be used. Then I will introduce to them the TrackStar.

Lesson Evaluation: As evaluation, students will have to answer all Trackstar questions with 100% accuracy.

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