Lesson objective:Students will correctly identify compare and contrast three characters using a Venn Diagram with 100% accuracy.

Anticipatory set: To engage students, I will ask students who their favorite Bikini Bottom character is and why. This I will do to start up a compare-contrast accountable talk.

Lesson Opening: To open this lesson, we will review the two-dimensional Venn Diagram from the previous lesson. From that I will introduce to them the three-dimensional Venn diagram. I will explain to them that this can be used when you have more than two objects or characters to describe and compare.

Lesson Body: To demonstrate how the Venn diagram can be used to compare three figures we will discuss and create a list of the differences and similarities between Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward. Given this information, we will fill in the Venn diagram. Students will then be paired in groups of three to complete a Venn diagram of each other. Each person in the group must make their own Venn diagram

Evaluation: Evaluation will be obtained from the group activity. Each student will submit a Venn diagram comparing themselves to two of their classmates. Each portion of the Venn Diagram must have at least two correct responses in order to receive full credit.