• Lesson objective: Students will use word-processors to develop a five-sentence paragraph, including a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion.

Multiple Means of Engagement /Anticipatory Set
  • As a means of engaging students, I will begin with a paragraph scramble game. In this opening brainteaser, each student will be given an individual envelop, each consisting of five strips of paper. These five strips of paper will consist of an organized short story (ie. Goldilocks, Three Pigs, etc.) that I have pre-cut. Students will be given three minutes to arrange those strips into the correct order. This will demonstrate to students how pieces of a story must fit together from beginning, middle, and end to form an organized paragraph.

  • Multiple means presentation/Lesson Opening
As on overview students will be reminded of what a paragraph and what it consists of (at least 5 sentences, with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. Making connections: Using the set-up activity I will inform students how we can use word processing to cut and paste parts of a story together to build an organized paragraph.
  • Lesson Body
Students at this time of instruction will be at their own computer. Using a SmartBoard, I will demonstrate how students can cut and paste parts of a story to fill a graphic organizer as brainstorming for their paragraph. This will be done using the pre-made Inside Spongebob Theme Map word processor activity. After reading the story aloud. Students and I will the sheet together. While filling the sheet I will announce every step I make and encourage students to follow what I have done. First we as a class will determine the main idea. Then I will call on different students to obtain supporting details. Then we again will come together to establish a conclusion.
  • Extended Practice
As independent practice students will complete their own theme map using Word Processor. However, they may not use details already discussed in the group discussion. After completing their theme map, they must continue on to develop their own five-sentence paragraph. These five-sentence paragraphs will be submitted as a means of evaluation.
  • Lesson Closing
As a lesson closing students will be allowed to share their work. I will also call on individuals to tell me the major parts of a complete paragraph to ensure students understand what a paragraph is
  • Evaluation
As individual assessment, students will create an organized 5-sentence paragraph, including a topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion. This paragraphs will be collected from the extended practice noted above.