Lesson objective: When given a data chart, students will correctly transcribe information to make a bar graph with at least 80% accuracy.

Anticipatory Set:Prior to beginning this lesson students will asked to interview at least ten people to see who their favorite Spongebob character for homework. Each child will be given sheets to record the response.
Lesson Opening: To begin the lesson, I will ask students how they enjoyed interviewing others and what interesting things they found. Then I will explain to them that there's an easy way to visual all our reponses. From there I will introduce graphing.

Lesson Body: Using the smartboard, I will pull up the excel sheet and we will fill in the chart together. Then i will show them how to transcribe that information to make a bar graph.

For evaluation: Given five categories, student will correctly translate chart data onto a bar graph with at least 80% accuracy. Students will be asked to create a bar graph using their own information to demonstrate their ability to read a chart and use the data to make a bar graph.